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15 ml - 0.5 Oz
Regenerator ®

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Regenerator - Nail Treatment - Nail Strength
Nail Strengthener - Effectively fortifies weak brittle nails!

Do you suffer with weak nails, that break, split & crck for nothing!

Regenerator instantly adds strength to nails.

Nail Doctors Regenerator, is a new era, Micro thin film thechnology, nail surface coating, which provides a clear, tough, high gloss, extremely resillient, nail surface coating that is as tough as nails. the action of Nail Doctors Regenerator is that of adding support to the fragile nail plate, while the multi complex formula starts to regenerate the nails matrix.

Like a second Nail - This highly durable tough thin film coating is like having the strength of a second nail!
Fortifies and Supports weak brittle nails, which are subseptible to easy cracking and breakage.
Contains actives which repair Protien bonds and reestablishes Keratin loss in the nail.
Applied as a base coat, before the application of color nail varnish, prevents staining or color leaching to the nail plate from the color nail varnish.

Regenerator® Information

Action of Regenerator ®
Regenerator® forms a thin, yet extremely tough surface on the nail, which acts as a second nail surface, increasing the nails resistance to breaking, cracking and splitting.

Nail Integrity is improved by the active components in Regenerator® which repairs broken protien bonds in the Nail, and simultaneously reenforces the keratin in the Nails.
Result Nails are more resistant to breakage and inproved flexibility and surface finish are experienced

Regenerator® is applied to the nail plate only. The surface is so resillient that each application can last up to 3 weeks or more.

Regenerator can be applied as a single clear coat, or Color Nail Varnish can be applied over the Regenerator coating if nail color is desired.
Because Regenerator is adhesive enhanced, it acts as a super adhesive primer to the appplied color overcoat. This additional bonding properties results in greater adhesion promoting longer timespans between color varnish reapplications.

Active Ingredients
  Dill Extract- Keratins - Amino Acids - Okume Bark extract- DMU - Dimethyl urea - Silicates - Horsetail Extracts

~ Regenerator, for Nails, as tough as Nails! ~

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