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15 ml - 0.5 Oz
Cuticle Therapy Oil®

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Cuticle Therapy Oil® - Cuticle Health
Natural Oils - Revitalises Nails & Cuticles!

Cuticle Therapy Oil ® contains natural oils, with nutrient extracts, to moisurise and nourish Nails, Cuticles and surrounding skin tissue.

Simply brush on and leave, Penetrates quickly - Or brush on and massage in, to stimulate oxygen supply to the nail bed system - Moisturises & Nourishes - Creates Nail shine

Makes nail maintenance a snap- Well tolerated, even on sensitive skin and nails

  • Replaces lost nail oils through nail remover / varnish use.
  • Softens and conditions Cuticles
  • Improves nail flexibilty reducing cracking
  • Promotes a natural healthy shine
  • Provides greater nail waterproofness & protection
  • Contains natural oils compatible with skin for maximum penetration and absorbtion

    A Nail Surface integrity is increased. Creates a protective barrier against liquids & pollutants. Improves nail appearance, shine & color
    B Nail Plate flexibilty & tensile strength is increased.
    C Nail & Cuticle skin is enhanced with improved elasticity, flexibility & waterproofness
    D Applied nutrient uptake to the Nail Bed, inproves micro circulation to the nail matrix, promoting a healthy nail bed system with better natural color

    Cuticle Therapy Oil ® - provides moisturising nutrients to the cuticle and finger tip skin areas, promoting younger healthier looking nails and finger tip skin.

    Action of Cuticle Therapy Oil ®
    Cuticle Therapy Oil ® consists of natural oils, keratin proteins plus vitamins and micro nutrients.

    Cuticle Therapy Oil® penetrates deep into the skin tissue surrounding the fingernail, providing moisturisation and promoting healthy tissue growth.
    Penetrating oils provides a protective barrier against pollutants such as dishwashing liquids, etc.

      Ingredient listing
    Active Ingredients:
    Keratin - Amino Acids - Vitamin E - Ginseng root extract - Vit A - Protein Derivatives - Jojoba Oil - Coconut derived Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides - Hemp Seed Oil.

    ~ Never again, let someone tell your age by your hands - Ever! ~

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